Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Do You Feel Like Your Heart Is Broken?
Broken Hearts Due to Break Up

The day after a break up or the year after (if you haven’t found a way to heal) may seem like you are waking up to a nightmare. The space beside you in bed is vacant and that vacancy is sending you a blaring message – you are alone. It seems unbearable.

Going through a breakup is a very difficult thing to do, it’s common feel a ton of different emotions; sadness, guilt, anger, worthlessness, unsure of ourselves, and devastatingly heartbroken. You are going to miss your life with that other person and have to face each day on your own. At this point you have two options: are you going to move on or are you going to try and get your ex back?

Moving on After a Breakup

Sometimes we just know that the breakup was probably for the best but that doesn’t mean that you can just switch your emotions off. We can still feel angry, guilty, and insecure. We may also feel like a failure, because our relationship ended. These feelings are natural and will get better over time with a little work.

Trying to get your ex back may be a possibility in certain situations, but there are some things you need to work on first. Important step 1 is DO NOT CONTACT YOUR EX! At this point you need to step away from the situation and allow yourself to regain control of your emotions. Your ex and you may just need a bit of space and time to work things out.

Heal A Broken Heart

It takes time! Here are some basic tips.

Honor how you are feeling. This means that you should not pretend that you are OK, when you really aren’t. There is nothing wrong with crying.
he second tip to overcome the emptiness is to identify the triggers (times, places, and things) that cause you the
most pain. Triggers can cause fits of sadness, grief, and loneliness.
ommunicate with people that care about you. Make sure you share how you are feeling.
o not underestimate the support that these people can provide.
Exercise regularly and take care of your health. Often times during the period of having one’s heart broken, health may be neglected. If you aren’t careful, this can only make things worse.
Some people like to travel.
A great way to move through a broken heart is to spend a lot of time doing something you really love. This can be a hobby, work, or anything! If you keep yourself busy you will find yourself moving through the pain faster.

Above all, give yourself time. This type of healing can’t be rushed. If you want to restore the relationship, make sure that you figure out why it went wrong before you rush back into it.
Break Free From Their Spell:

Many times someone becomes attached to another person because they see in them whom they believe the other person ‘could be’ and not whom they really are. They fall in love with the ‘ideal’ image they have created in their head, and not the real person sitting in front of them.

Since we can’t control other people (and don’t kid yourself, you can’t), we need to take control of ourselves, with just a little determination we can mend our broken hearts.

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