8 reasons Why Love of your Life is not Right One for you.

Everyone told you he was the wrong guy for you, but you could not see it until after he dumped you. Why were you not able to see what seemed very obvious to those around you?  What is it that makes women fall in love with the wrong men?

Anyone could claim to be how strong they are when it comes to loves, but in actual facts, humans are very fragile and vulnerable to be hurt by loves. This is the way of life no matter who you are.
Love is not blind  it simply enables one to see things others fail to see.

Here the 8 reasons why you might think Wrong Guy is the Right One for you.

  1. He says all the right things at the right time. It’s hard to think someone is a scum when they are telling you that you are pretty, and smart, and that they really, really like you.  A smooth talker can make you believe that even your closest friends are wrong.
  2. He does small things that make you think he cares. However, if you start to notice, these small gestures don’t really cost him very much.
  3. He is good in bed. Yes, sometimes great sex is all it takes for a woman to keep a man that is not right for her.
  4. He is good looking and everyone wants him. You feel really good about being in the arm of a man who turns heads.  But there is more to a relationship than looks. Many times people try to win over others because they are unavailable and presents a challenge.
  5. You do not want to be the only single one in your group of friends. If everyone else is married or seeing someone, you don’t want to feel left out . Whether the pressure comes from your family, your friends or from your own urgency, making a decision to be with someone because of the pressure you feel is giving away your power and happiness. Is it really worthy it?
  6. You are thirty (or some other magic age) and feel like it is time to settle down. Do not let age define you, and do not settle for someone just because you feel like you should be married.
  7. This is better than nothing. Do not let yourself fall for someone just because you do not think there is someone better out there. Many people tend to feel worthless or lacking something when they are single or lonely. This emptiness and desperation to be treated as special make them get into relationships fast only to regret later.
  8. He is not right, but I can change him! Oh, no, you really cannot change him even if you tried.  If he is wrong for you, he is wrong for you.

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