Hosting Fitness party – original, easy and fun.

I love a social life. This revelation hit me late on a Friday night when I realized  what I really missing in my life is to be out having some fun. Busy with work and husband, I hadn’t done anything exiting for a long time. That was going to change.
My friends are all time-conscious but light on the feet people who also love to have good time, so getting together was going to be not difficult. Since women are born to multi task, combining social time with exercise seemed like a natural fit, so I decided to throw a fitness party—I’d bring the fitness and the fun right to my own living room. But where to start?
My stack of yoga books and DVDs was gathering dust and I was anxious to try something new. If each guest brought one exercise video or instruction book or favorite portable gym accessories to the fitness party, we could hold a swap, so each girlfriend would get a new workout routine without shelling out any cash for new props.
I also check the videos on you-tube, and add to my someone else what we could enjoy them now. I dig out there old Jane Fonda staff.  The routines were retro, but they would be good for a laugh at the very least. All that hair! All that spandex! And this fashion is in now anyway – leopard leggings.
A party’s not a party without food and I already have stacks of healthy recipes at my fingertips on my own blog. I decided to introduce my girlfriends to amazingly tasty recipes I developed for the healthy life style or the fitness diet. And off course,  pulled out my blender so we could make protein-rich smoothies, which are just as tasty as Margarita—but without all the empty alcohol calories.

Sending out the invitations was an easy, thanks to email, and I immediately started getting responses. It was going to be a full house! I asked everyone to dress in exercise clothes and to bring any DVDs, free weights, tubing or other small fitness items that they wanted to trade. If anyone had a big piece of exercise equipment she wanted to swap at a later date, she could find a taker at the party. Or if anyone have some new or old gym clothing – they could swap it too.
The day before the big event, I bought everyone brightly colored water bottles and pedometers from a discount store. Now, we had no excuses for not getting our 10,000 steps and eight cups of water a day!
The party was such a hit that we decided to make it an ongoing affair. One friend who would be turning 40 soon wanted to host her own fitness party instead of expecting people to bring her gifts. She said a fitness party would remind her of the importance of staying healthy—instead of dwelling on the passing of time. Another friend had her first baby shower and was very keen to stay fit after child-birth.  We were on a roll!
Here’s a quick list of ideas for hosting your own fitness party:

1.Party theme : Stick with the health theme by offering pedometers, water bottles, pocket nutrition guides, jump ropes, yoga mats, water flavoring packets.
2.Demonstrations: Use TV for DVDs or big computer screen for YOUTUBE. Try: yoga, Pilates, belly dancing, salsa, hip hop dancing, boot camp, or more.
3. Healthy menue: Cook (or cater) light and healthy finger foods like fresh fruit and veggies, smoothies, water, fruit juice, low-fat yogurt, nuts, organic produce and dried fruit.
4.Fun & games: Offer prizes for winners in a few friendly competitions: an outdoor run, most push ups in a minute, longest plank hold, or greatest flexibility.
5. Themes: Create a theme centered on one particular aspect of fitness, such as running, dancing, yoga, or strength training. Create games, foods, contests, quizzes, demonstrations and party favors that bring the theme to life. Take turn hosting the workout party with your friends (once a month for example), trying a new workout theme each time.
6. Seek adventure: Who says you have to stay confined to your house to throw an exercise party? Check out group rates for classes at local gyms or studios; meet and work out at a local park; try outdoor activities like  hiking, swimming, and biking.
7.Share, give away or swap: Besides fitness videos, ask guests to bring other exercise-related items that they no longer want or use. Some ideas include: gently used workout clothes or shoes, past issues of fitness magazines.

Hosting your own fitness party is a great alternative to a cocktail party where alcohol is at center stage. With a little imagination (and some friends who don’t mind sweating a bit), you’ll burn calories and bond with your friends in no time. Time well spent. And hips of fun photos for the Facebook.

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