In the animal kingdom she is more feared than the Alpha male. Intelligent and cunning, a leader, she is a survivor. From the meerkat to the elephant, the strong endure – and boy is she strong.
Some say she doesn’t exist, not in the human world anyway.
I say the Alpha female does exist. But she is a rare find; more so if she is a heroine.

What makes an Alpha female the bad ass that she is?
She is extraordinarily confident, smart and a take charge kind of girl.

Step back because she will steam roll over anyone who would be stupid enough to challenge her.
Appearance is important.
How she looks is vital in manipulating others.
She uses her appearance as a tool bringing men to their knees with her sex appeal or reducing another woman to a puddle of insecurities.
She enjoys her sexuality immensely and works it to an art form.
Folks, she’s no Mona Lisa.

Now don’t look for her sipping margaritas and gossiping at the Karaoke bar with the girls.
She is neither well liked nor admired by other woman.
Let’s face it, she’s a bitch.
Unafraid and inviting trouble, she is a great contender for a villain.
Just think of the havoc she could wreck.

Don’t confuse the ALPHA female with a strong HEROINE. There is a distinct difference. Mainly that the heroine will ultimately end up with her happily ever after. Keep in mind I am speaking mostly in terms of the romance genre.

Let’s compare the other differences of these two.

The heroine finds herself in a relationship, regardless of want, need and/or chance.
The Alpha female is solitary. Pffsh. A man would only slow her down.
The heroine is a nurturer. She cultivates and cares for those dear to her and those she lets into her heart, although often she is cautious whom she lets in.
The Alpha female is missing that compassionate gene. Keep an eye on your children and small pets; she may eat them. And bunnies may end up in a pot of boiling water.
The heroine gives of herself.
The Alpha female is take, take, and take.The heroine considers others.
The Alpha female will do what it takes to further herself, leaving a wake of destruction and bodies.
For the heroine, sex, no matter how sweet or how dirty, becomes the first blush of love.
The naughty Alpha female just wants to throw down and then she’s out the door before her victim – er- partner can catch a breath. Bump, hump, thank you chump!

It’s simply hard to write a likable Alpha female. It’s not impossible though. It may take a great deal of internal thought and a noble motivation to relay why she behaves badly. The challenge is to focus on traits and make them work for her in a way the reader will relate positively. This is where subtle details can be strummed to create that perfect pitch of bad ass intertwined with the female psyche. Take a woman cleaning a really big gun, for instance. An author can portray her as sexy and terrifying just by how she caresses the gun with smooth delicate strokes, lamenting that the gun once belonged to her dead brother and reveling how she will use it to take out his killer. Maybe she kisses the bullet before she slides it in the chamber.

Just as the antagonist and the villain, she will have a weakness. Will it come by way of her final vindication? Or maybe in a fatal vice? Maybe she meets her match in an Alpha male, settles down and has a litter of Alpha children? Or did she simply run out of ammunition?


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