Super Seventies is amajor hair look – full of volume, either cascading waves (Blumarine) or gigantic frizz (Marc by Marc Jacobs); alternatively, slicked down and side parted (Gucci) or with the lengths rolled up (Louis Vuiton).

The age of disco and seventies South of France glamour: these were the cues defining the revival of one of the most style-focused decades, which were tossed about backstage as instant aide memoires for those who weren’t there first time around. The common factor is ‘expensive’: this particular revival owes much to high living New York style, circa 1977 when disco was at its peak. At Blumarine, the ‘Cote d’Azur lifestyle’ was in full effect with floaty kaftans, lots of gold jewellery and what Sam McKnight describes as ‘glossy, swishy hair with a light, floaty finish’. At Mulberry, a more daytime seventies vibe was apparent with long, lightly waved hair, a glossy healthy looking fringe, and every girl redhead looking like a natural.

Everyone loves abig, glam hair do for all the parties this season! Read these simple steps on how you can achieve the same look, without too much fuss or an expensive trip to the salon!


1. Creating your base.
Create the perfect base for this lightweight style using Nourished Shine Shampoo and Conditioner to create a really glossy shine without weighing down the hair.
2. Inject some body with a blow dry.

Work a body magnifying mousse through from roots to ends and blow dry, using a a large, round brush. Make sure you dry your hair away from the face, to give your roots lift – this is not a flat hair look.
3. Get your tongs out.

Next, set the hair using large barrel curling tongs, slipping each roll off the tongs and immediately clipping to the head until completely cooled down. Once cold, unclip, then blow dry curls out, back and away from the facet to give the result of perfectly dressed, healthy looking hair with body, but which isn’t actually curly!
4. The final touches.

Finally, comb in a clean, centre parting, allowing the hair to fall lightly to each side, to retain some root lift. Mist over using a shine-enhancing hair spray to allow for movement and for hold.
Quick Volume Boosters

1. Before bedtime, pile your hair on top of your head or make a cheerleader ponytail. When you take hair down in the morning, it will have – and retain – double the body.
2. Mist fingertips with hair spray and massage your roots to add instant (and long-lasting!) volume.
For maximum boost, lift sections of hair toward the sky as you blow-dry, directing the flow of heat toward your scalp. This sets the roots in a more upright and lifted position.
Instead of teasing your tresses with a comb, which is an easy but damaging way to get instant volume, use a flat brush to back-brush hair at the roots.
Go light on products. If you must use hair spray, mousse or another styling product, control the dose by spraying it onto your hands and then running palms over your tresses.  YOUR HAIR RESCUE TEAM

Need Sensational Hair Health Boost?

Are there any simple ways that ensure healthy hair growth years down the line?
The answer lies in finding out some best treatments for a healthy hair.
Looking at the recent pictures of Kim Kardashian or Angeline Jolie and one simply cannot stop admiring their shiny locks of hair. If you think, these Hollywood beauties are gifted and that it is just a matter of luck, then you need to rethink.
Healthy locks of hair free from dandruff or split ends is something that can be easily achieved, if you know how to take good care of your hair with help of modern technology and right product. Knowing and trying are the secrets to avoid hair dullness.4 step Laser Technology HAIR RESCUE  Treatment Step into hair-rescue with this amazing 4 step process for hair you’ll love.
Here is what the top of your head gets to experience in 1 hour:
* 1st step: Thorough Shampooing

* 2nd step: KERATIN MASK Treatment
* 3rd step: LASER Hair Treatment

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