Split Ends

Hair can be beautiful, unfortunately split ends are one of hair’s downfalls.Some people just seem to be more prone to having split hair than others. Split ends are the result of damaged hair and may cause embarrassment, frustration and of course a continuous trimming of the hair to try to get rid of them. If this is you, or someone you know you may want to know how to get rid of split ends without chopping them off all the time.

Split ends are typically more common with people with long hair.Think about it- long hair has been on your head for years, bearing the brunt of the sun, chemicals, hair styling tools and who knows what else. Over time the outer protective layer of the hair is compromised and the cuticle of the hair splits. When this happens, there is nothing you can do to repair it. There is no product that can undo a split end although many may try to make the claim. Sure a shampoo for damaged hair may be able to help prevent the hair from splitting, but, again- it cannot repair split ends.

So what do you do? Basically if you want to avoid continually cutting your split ends off you will need to make some changes and reduce or eliminate whatever is causing the problem. Stop over dying your hair, using crappy products, too hot hair tools like hair straighteners (which are notorious for damaging hair), curling irons, or harsh dryers.

Trimming your hair regularly is recommended anyway, about once a month to a month and a half. This is something you can do yourself at home if you think you have the skill, otherwise you should make the frequent trips to the salon because once you have split ends, they are not going to go away unless you cut them- the longer you wait, the longer the split can climb up the hair shaft and the more you will have to cut. split ends

Having long hair is beautiful, but it does take extra time to maintain it. Dealing split ends is just par tof the its necessary beauty maintenance.

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