What to do for Dry Hair?

What to do for dry hair? Can you do anything about it? Can you change your genes to make your hair come out silkier and shinier? Well, to be honest, the answer is you can do nothing. All those products that promise you they can change your hair forever are just doing good business. If you buy them then you are a victim of their advertising techniques. The bitter truth is you can never change the way you hair is. All you can do is to stop them from being unmanageable, damaged and worse as in dry.

Don’t  OverWash!

The first thing you should know if you have dry hair is that you should never overwash  them. Basically, by overwashing you dry the dry natural oils and moisture within your scalp. These oils are meant to keep your scalp moisturized which keeps your hair moisturized. If you have a habit of using shampoos and conditioners everyday then try minimizing it. Instead of doing it daily, do it every second day. Similarly, don’t use brushes that irritate your scalp. Use soft brushes and combs.


Don’t Use Too Many Products!

If you think using too many products for your dry hair can make the condition better then you are wrong. Instead you should minimize the usage of harsh chemicals on your scalp and hair. No matter how good the products look you don’t have to use them a lot. All you need are three products; a shampoo, a conditioner and a moisturizing cream. Hair gels, hairsprays, mousse and styling creams should be avoided. Also, coloring your hair should be cut down.

Say No To Iron Rods and Hair Dryers:

It might sound painful but you have to do it if you want your hair to remain moisturized. Using straightening iron rods and hair dryers can be devastating to your hair. You can leave your hair to dry natural and only use iron rods occasionally with proper serums.

Protect Your Hair and Scalp:

It is a must for everyone with dry hair to keep their hair covered and protected in extreme weather conditions. Whether you are out in the snow or in the sun, your head should remain covered.

Go for Oil Based Products:

Sure, you should go for products for dry hair but you shouldn’t completely be dependent upon them. You see all those products can help you out to a certain extent. As soon as their effects go out, your hair will come into its natural state which is the dry state. So, it is important for you to know how to work your way out to make sure your hair remains healthy and manageable. Here are some tips for you:

Alcohol based products can make your hair even worse. Try using creams, serums and gels that are oil based and not alcohol based.


In reality, you can never treat dry hair. You can only make your hair better. Try these tips out and you will never have to deal with unmanageable dry hair again!

dry hair

Keeping long healthy hair is indeed a need of every woman with long locks. Unfortunately, not all ladies with long hair can keep it healthy. Why? Simply because they don’t really know how and where to start! Some of them are so eager to keep long hair that they let their hair grow for months. But, once the hair is long, they find it to be completely unmanageable and then they get it cut. Oops! That’s a misery. You shouldn’t do that. That’s exactly why it is said that you should know how to keep ‘healthy’ long hair and not disastrous long hair.

So, for all the ladies out there with the same dream here are some tips to keep long healthy hair:

Eat Well:

As they say ‘you are what you eat’. This is important for every person out there to understand. Whether you want beautiful nails, glowing skin or healthy hair, you must take care of your diet. Diets rich in protein, minerals and vitamins are the best to consume if you want healthy hair. Raw fruits and vegetables should be consumed more often. Beef, eggs, chicken breast and fish should be eaten once in two days at least.

The Washing Routine:

This is another major aspect that most people overlook. Not everyone needs to wash their hair daily. If you have dry hair then you must not wash them more them twice a week. Similarly, those who have oily hair should wash their hair daily. Also, it is important to massage the scalp gently instead of rubbing it roughly.

Let Them Dry Naturally:

Blow drying will make your hair look good but it will damage your hair to a great extent. The best way to keep your hair healthy and the natural oils intact is to let your hair dry naturally.

Comb The Right Way:

Wooden combs and tortoise shell combs are always better than rubber or steel combs. Also, it is important to use wide spaced combs instead of the narrow ones. Bristle brushes are also good to use but make sure they don’t hurt your scalp.

Use Proper Products:

Gels, shampoos, conditioners, mousse, and other similar products should be used with care. Don’t use products that are not formulated for your hair type. If you have dry hair then you should stick to dry hair products.

Say No to Alcohol and Nicotine:

Anything that contains alcohol and nicotine should be kept away. This is more important for those with dry hair. Smoking and drinking will make your hair drier.

Stick With Your Sleeping Patterns:

If you don’t sleep for at least 6 hours at night then you can’t expect your hair to be healthy. Sleeping well keeps your body healthy and if the body is healthy the hair will automatically be healthy.

Get Your Hair Trimmed:

Lastly, always get your trimmed from the edges once a month. If you can afford it then get your hair trimmed after every two weeks. This way, you will encourage growth of your hair.

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