Natural Hair Restoration

Millions of men and women suffer from hair loss are on the lookout for natural hair restoration remedies.  While there are a lot of chemical and drug products, many would still prefer to go natural to avoid possible side-effects from chemical and drug remedies.  The good news is that there are plenty of options in natural hair restoration both in terms of commercial products and home remedies. These products have varying degrees of efficacy due to the fact that the condition has different causes as well.

Thinning and loss can be caused by genetics, bad eating habits, illness, medication, stress and hormonal imbalance.  The effectivity of any natural hair restoration product or method can be affected by the underlying cause of the condition, the sufferer’s age and more importantly, the sufferer’s gender.  Hair loss patterns differ significantly between men and women so it makes sense that some products can be specifically designed to treat either men or in women.  For instance, in women, the condition is typically characterized by thinning in the entire head while in men, it is usually limited to specific areas.  This is why hair loss surgery is not usually recommended for women, despite the fact that it provides very effective and permanent results for men.
While the best results can of course be had from consulting a specialist for personalized assessment, anybody suffering from this condition can benefit from a variety of remedies.  Here’s a list of remedies that have proven effective for many people:

Red Laser Therapy  – The power of Light.
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Massage Therapy and Aromatherapy
A ten-minute daily investment in massaging the scalp stimulates blood flow in the scalp and has proven to be very effective in stimulating new growth as well as slowing down further loss.  Massage therapy has also been shown to more effective when used in conjunction with aromatherapy.  Almond oil, lavender oil and sesame oil are great choices for use in massage therapy.

Body Detoxification And Nutrition Therapy
If the condition is caused by illness or toxins in the body, detoxification can work wonders in treating it.  While there are detoxification products available in the market today, exercise and a healthy diet are the best options for a sustainable lifestyle change that will  promote healthy tresses.  Almonds, oranges, soy beans, chickpeas, roast beef, oats, and fish are all known to promote strong, healthy and vibrant hair.

Home and Herbal Options
There are also plenty of products available in most kitchens and pantries.  Herbal remedies include thyme, rosemary, aloe vera, jojoba, and chamomile.  Other home remedies that can do wonders are mayonnaise, lemon, egg yolks and honey.
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There are certainly plenty of options for anybody who does not want to choose chemical remedies.  Aside from these remedies, there are also plenty of hair growth shampoos, topical solutions, capsules, tablets and teas that fall under the “natural” category because they are made exclusively from natural ingredients.  With so many products to choose from, nobody needs to feel helpless in the face of thinning hair.

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