The Secret of Beautiful Hair

For some women, having beautiful hair is synonymous with sacrifice, such as spending long hours at the hairdresser or spending lots of money in shampoo and cosmetics.
In addition to the hair is constantly subjected to the action of external factors such as pollution, sun and chlorine. First you must know the health of your hair .
Once you have made ​​your diagnosis, know that each hair type has its own treatment.

If your hair is dry, you should use a mild shampoo and high in protein.
By cons if you have risottos put a moisturizer to close the cuticles.
If you have oily hair, shampoo in the case of acids to regulate sebum production.

To prevent damage you should follow the following recommendations :
When dry hair, use a dry towel to remove excess water careful not to rub too much and then comb your hair gently – use a keratin treatment for dry or damaged hair at least once a week.
Take two quarts of water a day to rehydrate the body and hair. A balanced diet that includes vitamins and proteins to promote growth.
Use products specifically for hair dyes: it will keep the color and also prevent drying.
If you prefer a more natural , apply a small amount of olive oil on your hair and let sit for one hour, then wash your hair – look for specific products tailored to straight hair or curly – you also need to address the problems of drought or weakness, with appropriate 4 step HAIR RESCUE SPA treatment at

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