Placenta Hair Mask. Crazy, But but it Really Works.

I’m a complete hair  have -to -KNOW junkie, as most of my friends and clients can attest. I get asked a lot what my favorite product recommendations are, thus prompting me to start a journal where I can keep track of all the products I’ve tried, liked, etc.

The Claim:  Placenta Hanna Mask  Nature’s most complete conditioning treatment. Strengthens and repairs dry, brittle, lifeless hair. An extra rich formula combining two of natures most complete hair conditioners – neutral henna and natural placenta. Together for the first time to quickly repair and strengthen dry, brittle, lifeless hair. And will not change hair color. The result is ravishingly beautiful hair with manageability you never before thought possible. Placenta extract, derived from animal placenta (Environmentally responsible formula), is combined with amino proteins to revitalize and protect every hair type.

The Review: Just the thought of slathering my hair in placenta was enough to make me slightly nauseous, and more than a little skeptical. After Anna, hairdresser, shampoo and massage my hair, she open the packet (the directions tell you to use the entire packet in one use) and started saturating my hair. There’s a lot of product in the packet, so she sectioned off my hair and put them in buns and another hairdresser join the experiment. They all was intrigue. The smell from jar was not really flash but tolerable. Make me believe the product is not commercially induced with chemicals. Then I relax for 5 minutes under the Laser to increase the penetration  of the mask.
After rinsing and lovely blow dry styling, my hair has never been more manageable and frizz-free.  The brash, in blow dry process, was mooving very smoooth us never before. Volume of hair was present. No shine, looks like product is too pure to make hair shine as my other keratin/protein mask we perform at salon for hair rejuvenation spa
It shocks me to say it, but my new go-to hair product is a hair mask with ‘Placenta’ in the name.
And I absolutely love this product. 🙂 I hope you try it.
I know you’re probably thinking that this is really gross, but it really works. It’s made from natural henna and sheep placenta to repair and strengthen dry, brittle hair. It is fortified with amino protiens to protect and restore all hair types. It’s safe on color-treated hair.
One big warning – if you try at home – read instruction – 10 minutes only application !!!!!!
Companies don’t put directions on their products to hinder you from getting all the benefits of their products, they put them on the product so that you will use it correctly and not damage your hair more. You might be wondering, but how could using something good end up being bad? It is because the placenta treatment is a protein treatment. Protein is amazing for your hair, and can do amazing things. But too much can do the opposite, it can actually make your hair more brittle and just snap. When your hair is already compromised and porous after such intense damage, it is good to keep the protein products in small doses since you hair will absorb everything and anything you put on it. So yes if your hair is severely damaged, use the Henna n’ placenta treatment, but use it as directed.

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