How long does hair grow in a month? And can you grow hair fast?
If you want a quick fix to a bad hair cut or instant long locks for an upcoming event you’re not going to be able to rely on your hair to naturally grow out that fast because your hair will simply grow too slowly.


On average the hair grows about ½ an inch per month, so not very much at least for a woman wanting long hair. That is on average, so if you are lucky your hair will grow at a faster rate. Hair is said to grow faster in warmer tropical climates too.
If you want to grow hair quickly  – keep your hair healthy and clean so it won’t become damaged. Check out using hair extensions, both clip on and permanent weave in types to get that long hair asap.

Since the dawn of time, the sun has been the source of all life on earth. All forms of life, no matter how primitive or how advanced, derive sustenance from life-giving light. Scientist have known for a hundred years that light, even ordinary light has an effect on cell function and that light deprivation can trigger devastating mental depression. Light can heal, and conversely the lack of light can cause serious illness. Place a child born premature with jaundice under a blue light and the symptoms are reversed; remove a plant from the sun’s rays and it withers and dies.

Sunlight-RED light.  During the summer months when we are exposed to more hours of natural sunlight, we find that our hair grows faster and thicker. It is the red spectrum of sunlight that stimulates blood supply to our scalp and causes this biological phenomenon.


Scientist and hair loss professionals agree that it is critical to robust hair growth to first create the healthiest scalp environment in which hair can grow. This is analogous to an agricultural field, which must first be fertilized before the sun’s energy can stimulate the growth of a bountiful crop.
This is the function of the 4HAIRCARE line of botanical grade, sulfate-free hair care product line. In addition to the “wet-line,” the home treatment regimen includes a nutritional supplement with two DHT inhibitors.

Hair that grows and continues to generate new hairs takes a little help from natural botanical products and food supplements. These products give the ability for our hair to be beautiful again. They help repair the damaged effects that our stressed life styles, chlorinated water supply, over processed hair and genetic factors have on our hair.

These treatments can change your hair no matter what you have faced in the past.
Laser light therapy is also available to draw healthy nourishment from your blood supply to your scalp. Laser light therapy can also accelerate the effects of treatment products used.

2 thoughts on “How long does hair grow in a month? And can you grow hair fast?

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