How to Grow Beautiful Hair Naturally  Are you wondering how to grow beautiful hair? Here are some tips for having long, shiny lustrous locks that are less in need of aids like extensions, ironing or any kind of processing

Take Your Vitamins. Ask any nutritionist the question – “What vitamins are good for hair growth?” and they will all tell you that the answer is to take prenatal vitamins or vitamins for hair loss with DHT inhibitors. That is because vitamins made for pregnant women have every single nutrient that you need to grow beautiful hair but in bigger therapeutic doses. Keep in mind that other vitamin formulas could have the same nutrients in them. However they are not as effective as the ones made for pregnant mothers or special formulas for hair growth because they have a much lower recommended daily allowance. Most natural and holistic doctors tell us that the it is based on about thirty percent of the amount of vitamins that we really need to take to stay healthy. That is because the FDA is hoping that we will get the rest of our nutrition from the foods we eat. The sad fact is that half the time we don’t do to processing, degradation during transportation and the fact that our soils are just not as rich in minerals as they used to be.


Luscious hair growth is a side effect of taking these vitamins. This is due to the fact there is a lot of folic acid, iron and calcium in these supplements. This has the effect of making your hair look thicker and shinier.
One thing to remember is that you will not see much of an effect on your hair unless you really are a little deficient in the vitamins in the first place.

Wash it at least once a week. This is because even though black hair is often very dry the scalp and hair follicles can be clogged with oil. Just make sure that any shampoo or conditioner you use is very mild and not full of chemicals or harsh lathering agents. The best shampoos and conditioners have moisturizers like coconut oil, avocado oil and argan oil in them to keep your hair looking moisturized, yet clean.

Eggs Are Healthy for Natural Hair. Whether you are eating them or applying them as a mask to your hair, eggs can make your locks grow shiny and sleek. The nutrients in eggs also make thin hair look thicker. Egg yolks, which contain the ingredient biotin, also help regrow hair and heal injured hair follicles.
One of the simplest and most effective remedies is to take a couple of eggs and crack them in a bowl. Whisk them and then coat your hair from root to tips. Leave on for five minutes and then rinse.

Get Hair Trimmed Regularly. Broken or dry ends need to be repaired as soon as possible. Be sure to inspect your hair for split ends or frizz and trim it off. This is because f your hair is not in the best shape it can possibly be it will not grow very long. Getting rid of these split ends is called “dusting” in the hair dressing industry.
Be sure take at least an inch or less of the ends of your hair every couple of months to prevent the hair from shredding up the bottom and up the length of the shaft.

Stay Away From Relaxers. Relaxers are chemical treatments that straighten hair. The reason that straighteners do so much damage is because they contain Sodium hydroxide and guanidine hydroxide. Both of these chemicals have a very high pH factor that strips the hair of its moisture. The hair look dry and after only one or two treatments it can totally lose its ability to retain water at all.
In addition to the damage done to the hair these chemicals are absorbed through the skin into the cells, tissue and blood. These can cause sores on your scald as well as burns and a lowered immune response on the scalp. The result is that you hair is at greater risk of falling out.

Consider Going Natural. Going natural means letting your hair grow out as nature intended it to and showing off that textural beauty. Slang for this is going Napptural. Not only does wearing your hair naturally but it also saves you hours of waiting in a salon and also a ton of money on salon products. You also save yourself the pain and boredom of actually sitting through having hair extensions done or having your hair flattened or straightened. Furthermore, you do not risk losing your hair.

It is very high fashion to wear your hair natural nowadays. Furthermore, using chemicals and dyes leaves a big carbon footprint behind. Do yourself and the world a favor by refusing to pollute the world any more with chemical straightening processes that eventually end up in our water supply.

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