Letter No18, after 3rd Brake Up

Well I do not trust you I will go tomorrow to doctor to make sure I have not caught some fucking sexual disease from you, It makes me feel sick thinking how many men you have had rotating in that bedroom of yours.
What they say about you Russian girls is all true. Last time I will ever date a Russian girl. You are so fucking cheap and nasty. How can I believe any word that comes from your mouth. Terrible upset I am but I will get over it in time, just had so much hope for us and you have missed out on such a great life you could have had.

ring with letter
No more boss, own business, travel and party no money problems ever, beautiful apartment and you still were prepared to give this away for some fucking urges you had for other men. I will never understand people like you. And after 3 months you still were going on dates this is just discussing behaviour. I bet you were doing it even this year. People like you are sick and need help. Maybe your parents should have thought you better in life as you are obviously not following any of their advice. Svetlana, I am so upset with you like no one has ever made me before.
Even my ex-wife is an angle compared with you. She would never have done this to me. In fact my wife is such a better person than you will ever be and I will still never go back with her but wow.
OK I just needed to get this off my chest. I am so angry I am boiling here at home. I will try not to send you any more emails now.
Will erase you from my computer and emails and through away your business card. I do not want to have any trace of you ever. Will throw out all your product in the bin also.
Hope you have a terrible night, week and month.


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