Letter No 22, after 8 abusive SMSs, new conditions apply.

Svetlana,  I finally got all this off my chest. Sorry for giving you so much grief but you did hurt me. I still believe in my heart people are good and I do not want to think that you are a bad person. In my heart I still believe you just want to be taken care of and respected and loved like everyone. I think what you did was wrong but you had your reasons and I think I know why, you just wanted to have a back up person in case I did not work out or maybe I was your back up person in case your other partner did not work out or maybe you were just uncertain which man you wanted to be with or who wanted to be with you, I guess there are so many possibilities. In my heart I actually think this man was much more than a friend simply because you were protecting him so much. I am actually OK with this now. Because I am in love with you so much I find it hard just to leave you like this.

I could even consider being with you again but the rules would have to be different way different. Total honesty and no secrets or private meetings with men or women. If I ask you something, anything you cannot tell me NO.

So think about this for a while, if you are prepared to go down this track and be totally honest with me. I know this may not be you so you will need to think if you are prepared to have this type of relationship. You cannot have secret meetings or dates or secret friends that I do not know about. You know me now that I will test this from time to time and there are no second chances. No lies at all between us. If you go out with a girlfriend then it must be a girlfriend I cannot find out after that it was a man. I will find out. You know where I am coming from. I will give you the same honesty back I promise. If I do not stay with you one night and go back to my place I do not want to find out you have gone out with a man that night without me knowing about it and without you talking to me about this first. You would have to forget your single women rules. No texting men unless I know who they are.

You will have to email me your mobile again as I have removed all your numbers from my phone including your card so I have no record of this anymore. ( this guy runs IT company and can’t  retrieve the numbers????)

So think about this what you want to do also as the trust has been broken and would take a lot of work to build up again. We would need to sit down either at yours or my place in silent area and talk.

So what we would need to discuss and agree on is the following:

1. I need to know who this person was in detail that you went out with. Full name, phone number, when you met, how many times you seen each other, when you started seeing him when you finished if you finished. What does he do for a living etc. Need all these details. Did you have a full on relationship with him? What level, hand holding, kissing, etc. This is the first point and I will check all this so you know.

2.      There will be no more male dating or meeting including friends unless I know who they are and have met them.

3.      There will be no dinners, drink, dancing with any male people unless I know who they are and have met them.

4.      You cannot ever tell me that you do not want to talk about something. Total open honest discussions.

I will also give you all this in return. I will also not date see, dance, dinner or drink with any other woman.

So these are my 4 points I cannot accept anything less. I know it sounds like I am in business but you know the trust level has to be built up again and I just think your male friends are not friends but dates and this is not acceptable. The first point of course is the most important and I think you may not agree with this but this will be your test if you are prepared to come back to me or not.

Ball back in your court….take your time and think about it.

broken heart

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