Best Oils For Hair Growth There are almost as many treatments for hair loss and hair growth as there are causes. People have tried everything from natural tonics to prescription medication to surgery in an attempt to re-grow or replace the hair that is no longer there. As a firm believer in holistic and homeopathic healing, I tend to turn to natural solutions before seeking chemical or medical interventions. There are many natural essential oils available to help repair damaged hair and skin as well as promote continued healthy hair growth and in some cases, even grow new hair. I have put together a short list of the most popular and effective essential oils on the market that have proven to be effective in treating hair loss, promoting hair growth and generally improving hair health.

oils for hair
First of all, in case you have any doubts about the authenticity of hair oils in hair care and hair growth, let me clear that for you. It is absolutely true that there exist certain essential oils which stimulate the hair follicles and which in turn, boost the hair growth cycle. So, does that mean that any oil will do? Absolutely not. Okay, how about coconut oil then? Well, yes, coconut oil is a good hair care product in the sense that it is beneficial for maintaining the shine and the overall health of the hair. However, it is not as effective as other ‘special’ oils, when it comes to hair growth. So what are these ‘special’ oils? And how do they help in hair growth? Let us find out.

Here is a list of different oils that contribute towards hair growth.

  • Rosemary: Rosemary oil is not only good for hair growth, but also for soothing itchy skin. It increases the blood circulation to the scalp which encourages hair growth and at the same time, helps in fighting dandruff. However, rosemary oil is usually not recommended for pregnant women as well as for people who are suffering from hypertension.
  • Lavender: Apart from being an anti-bacterial agent, Lavender oil happens to possess several regenerative properties which make it ideal for treating skin and scalp problems such as dandruff, itchiness and hair loss. When used in combination with other essential oils, it is said to produce remarkable results with respect to hair growth.
  • Jojoba: Jojoba oil is probably one of the most popular and well-known oils when it comes to natural hair loss remedies. What makes it so popular is that it can be easily mixed with any other oil (such as coconut oil) and can produce amazing results for people suffering from hair loss due to dry or damaged hair. At the same time, jojoba oil itself serves the purpose of being a good carrier oil in which other essential oils can be mixed. Jojoba oil is often used in combination with rosemary oil in various hair treatment products. The resultant combination of the two oils makes for a very effective hair conditioner.
  • Basil: This is another essential oil for hair treatment and hair growth. It is especially useful for people having oily hair and when used in conjunction with fenugreek, it improves the blood circulation to the hair tissue, which promotes hair growth.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Thanks to its antiseptic and anti-viral properties, tea tree oil is widely used for treating a number of problems such as flu, warts, cuts and bruises, as well as for treating skin and scalp problems. It is very effective in treating dandruff and when used in conjunction with jojoba oil or any other carrier oil, it makes for an effective hair loss solution.

In addition to the above-mentioned oils, there are a number of other essential and herbal oils which are beneficial for hair growth.

  • cedarwood
  • peppermint
  • chamomile
  • clary sage
  • lemon
  • thyme
  • burdock
  • grapefruit
  • bay
  • carrot root
  • olive
  • arnica

Most of these essential oils need to be mixed with a carrier oil such as almond, sesame or jojoba before they can be used. Though all of these essential oils have numerous medicinal benefits, some of them can at times, have certain side-effects.

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