Letter No 17, promise here never write again

Svetlana, If he was only a friend then I am sure you would have told him about me during your dinners, dancing and drinks. I bet you kept all this secret from him and you acted like a single girl to him. Am I not right with this? This is why you did not take my call during this night or text me back as you were hiding me from him. Bad girl, it all makes perfect sense to me now.

Maybe he rejected you in the end so you had no choice but to stay with me? You see now that you know he has girlfriend he does not want to see you. He at least has some morals and will not see you now that he has girlfriend, he is not going to double date. He sounds like a better person than you. So in his mind you were single at this time. And obviously you are still communicating with him. Very nice.

Do you see the difference. So tell me did he know about me in end of November? Or were you keeping this a secret hoping he may want to be with you? I know the answer here already.

It all makes perfect sense now.

I can just say Wow, never met a girl like you before, I heard about it but never thought it was true that someone can be so cold hearted and calculating. No wonder men leave you in the end. They find out the real you.

Ok I promise this is my last email. I have erased you from my mobile and home computer and about to erase you from work computer also.

Just needed to get all this off my chest, you just hurt me so much, broke my heart so bad, Things could have been so good. Just feel terrible and can hardly work or sleep. Waking up 4.30am this morning thinking about what you did. I have met some bad people over my life time and sorry I have to put you in the top 3. I have not been played like this for probably 8 years when my business partner was stealing money from me but at least it did not affect my heart. This is worse.

I guess what I always wanted to know why? What made it Ok for you to date more than one person at a time even after we had been having sex. I am sure your so called friends were single? The so called friends were not men you had known for a long time less than 6 months so they were not really friends but dates? I am also sure none of them knew about each other.

You must have been hurt so much in your past to want to take revenge on men this way.

You really do not need to answer to any of my emails I just need to get my anger and disappointment out. I treated this relationship so serious and you just took it so casual but you had me fooled big time.

Sorry for saying such bad things to you now but I am so disappointed.

love letter

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