Protein Keratin Treatments for Hair Health The science about protein treatments and what they can do for hair nourishment. Protein treatments are known to temporarily repair and strengthen hair. They do this by filling up gaps in the cuticle and if of a sufficiently small size can also penetrate to the cortex.

damaged-hair-keratin treatmentFor natural hair damage tends to come from normal weathering – washing, drying, combing, heat use etc. Colour treated natural hair and relaxed hair can suffer from more cuticle damage.

Some questions:

1. Is a plant-based protein lighter than an animal based source?
. It is more important to assess how the conditioner makes your hair feel and you should really look for where it is on the list. If if is after the first five ingredients there is probably not much in the bottle.

Additionally there are no products that tell you how hydrolysed the protein is. In short, if the protein is not of the right small size (and it does vary according to protein) it may not give your hair the desired effect. Eggs and coconut milk are not hydrolysed protein and not able to penetrate to the cortex but still good to repair the surface of the hair shaft.

2. Do protein treatments stop hair loss or hair thinning?
No, there is a difference between hair loss/thinning (i.e hair with a bulb coming out of the follicle) and breakage (i.e hair breaking off due to handling). At times you can confuse the two but looking for a bulb is always the way to tell the difference. Hair loss is a programmed event it is not changed by protein treatments. Breakage on the other hand can be stopped temporarily.

3. Does hair require protein treatment?
If you use heat frequently, regularly wear your hair in styles that require combing or colour treat your hair, a protein treatment may be quite useful.


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