How to Treat Dry Hair

Is your hair dull, feels like straw and lacks shine? Is it also unmanageable, tangles easily and is hard to style? If you have answered yes to all these questions, then you have dry hair, well, you’re not alone who affected with dry condition…
Everyone wants to have soft and manageable hair. This is why people with smooth flowing hair are envied by others. Have you tried looking at your office mate unconsciously because her hair looks so beautiful and full of life? Besides, dry hair is very hard to style, making your tresses look dull and lifeless. Dealing with dry hair can be a pain, but once you understand what causes it, making your hair look good won’t be so difficult anymore.

Dry hair lacks moisture.
There are several reasons why this happens. Some people may have fewer sebaceous glandes than normal or their glands may not produce enough sebum, which is hair’s natural moisturizer. Also, hair cuticles may be damaged and porous so that hair isn’t able to retain enough moisture, causing it to become dry. Overuse of styling tools like blow-dryers, straightening or curling irons, treatments like hair dye or perming, sun damage, frequent shampooing (especially with harsh products) are all factors that can damage hair by depleting it of moisture. But dry hair can also be caused by some diseases or nutritional deficiencies.

Treating dry hair is possible and requires a dual approach: you need to keep your hair well moisturized while avoiding dehydrating activities that will dry hair even more:

Don’t wash your hair too often
Washing dry hair too often, especially if you use harsh products, only makes things worse. If you can, try to wash your hair every couple of days (or at least every other day), with lukewarm water and make sure you use hair care products designed for this hair type. Also, dry hair is very fragile and breaks easily, so lather gently by using your fingertips (not your fingernails!) to rub the scalp.

Bad and Good Shampoo Ingredients for Dry Hair
Avoid shampoos that contain harsh cleansing agents like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and TEA-Lauryl Sulfate that could strip not only dirt and product build-up from your hair but also your natural oil (which is what keeps hair moisturized), and irritating ingredients like Peppermint Oil, Menthol and Spearmint. They good for hair loss but not for dry hair.
Instead, opt for moisturizing shampoos that include silicones (like Dimethicone and Cyclopentasiloxane), humectants (like Glycerin, Urea and Sorbitol), or emollients (like Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera.

Condition, Condition and Deep Condition
Dry hair needs moisture, so every time you wash your hair, it’s important to apply conditioner after shampoo to restore it. Also, use a deep conditioning treatment about twice a week. You can also apply Olive Oil, Argan Oil or Coconut Oil, which have very moisturizing properties, to your hair.

We offering a very effective and unique treatment at our salon 4HAIRCARE RESCUE COLD LASER SPA to treat dry damage hair. Check the link here.

Leave-on Conditioners
Leave-on conditioners are one of the best products for dry and frizzy hair. These are available in spray or lotion form and can be used on dry or moist hair. These conditioners are very convenient and can be used anywhere. Put it in your bag in case your hair becomes dry. This will effectively prevent drying and keep the hair hydrated throughout the day. Just remember to buy a good high-quality hair care product. For the clients who visit our salon in Sydney we are offering one only top product to protect hair from the iron damage and use as leave-in shine spray treatment for all hair types.

argan oil

Avoid the heat
Using styling tools like blow-dryers and curling and straightening irons is just asking for trouble if you have dry air. Of course, avoiding to use them is not always possible. Let your hair air dry whenever you have the chance but if you don’t have time, just keep the blow-dryer far away from your head and set it on low levels. As for other styling tools, try to use them only for special occasions and in conjunction with heat protectant products, which contain ingredients like silicones, that will reduce the damage heat causes to hair. I recommend to use a leave-in shine NAC Aroma Oil derived from Moroccan Argan Trees spray as protector from the heat.
This leave-in treatment that adds shine and vibrancy while providing thermal and colour protection.

Brush Less
Because dry hair is prone to breakage, it needs to be treated with care. Brushing hair too often, especially when hair is wet, only worsen things: it fractures hair, which then falls out. Boar-bristles brushes are a good choice for those with dry hair because their rubbery tips don’t pull the hair too much. Also, remember that wet hair is extremely fragile and delicate. So, when your hair is wet forget brushes and opt for a comb instead.

Salon Treatment to Treat Dry Hair
If you live in Sydney, we offering a very effective and unique treatment at our salon 4HAIRCARE RESCUE COLD LASER SPA to treat dry damage hair. Check the link here.

Healthy and Balanced Diet and the Power of Water.
Dry and frizzy hair is simply hair that thirsts for moisture and essential nutrients. The first step how to treat dry hair is to have a healthy and balanced diet. Give importance to the nutrients, vitamins and minerals important for achieving strong and vibrant hair. Drinking plenty of water also helps.

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